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Image by Peter Steiner

Hey There

Let me introduce myself, my name is Nya [ n y uh]! I am a self taught makeup artist and certified eyelash tech located in Calgary, Ab. I have 7 years of experience in the makeup world and I have been doing eyelash extensions since I became certified in both classic and volume in November of 2018. I have an in home studio located in North East Calgary where I preform all services, however I will travel all over Alberta for makeup services only. Visit Services page on menu bar for details around bookings and travel!

Image by Peter Steiner
Image by Sean Sinclair

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and It's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."

                 ~ Marilyn Monroe

Image by Peter Steiner

All About Me

My love for art and beauty came at a young age. As a little girl I was constantly creating little projects that were unequally me. One thing that has remained constant in my life is the drive to always be coming up with new ideas and creating new art. My love for makeup in particular came from when I did competitive dance as a little girl, there was nothing I loved more than staring at myself once my mom had finished applying my stage makeup, I think I liked that part more than the actual competition haha!  

Once I was a teenager playing with makeup was a constant for me, you could almost always count on me practising watching youtube videos locked away in my room for hours on end. At this point I had never done anyone else's makeup but mine or my sisters. My mom had recently became a salon owner which offered makeup services, I will never forget her letting me do my first wedding party even though I was a teenager!

I started to get busier and busier with makeup gigs but my ambitions were growing. This is where I brought lash extensions into the mix, I figured meticulous detailed work that results in people feeling gorgeous would be right up my alley and I was right! Still going strong today with just a little over 4 years of experience I am currently accepting new lash clients at my in home studio.

The Salon started to carry the makeup line Jane Iredale. With this line a new passion for product knowledge and skin care started to brew inside me. Not only was I creating beautiful makeup looks I was teaching my clients the benefit behind using products with clean ingredients and minerals. I started to experience great success with this line but I also had completely fallen in love with it! Once I moved to Calgary in 2019 I applied for a job at Stogryn Premier Wellness Resources within their Jane Iredale department and was hired! To this day I still work as a casual makeup artist and educator traveling throughout Calgary and its rural areas to teach product knowledge and preform Jane Iredale makeup touch ups on clients. 

Since moving to Calgary I have had the pleasure of working at other salons but ultimately decided to move my business home. I have always been a free spirit and running business on my own although challenging is very creatively freeing. I am excited to continue to grow my business and become a better artist. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little better, I hope you feel comfortable trusting me for all your makeup and lash needs! 



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